Picking optimization in stores and warehouses


Calculation layer to augment your existing tools.

The solution aims at optimizing the routes of pickers in large stores and warehouses.
It is dedicated to large retailers or to companies operating large warehouses where picking is a strategic activity.

Most software in logistics and retail do not take into account real distance when calculating picking orders. This lack of accuracy lowers productivity.
The pathfinding solution will increase the number of products your pickers can collect every day.

Based on floor plans and addressing process, our calculation layer will pick the shortest route for a batch of products. This route is displayed through existing WMS and OMS, without changing them.

If a visualization tool is also required, we provide you with a wayfinding solution to display recommanded routes (mobile + web).

After running the pathfinding solution over a few weeks/months, we are also able to deliver strategic statistics to optimize slotting.
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