Fraxion Spend Management


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Procurement software for proactive spend management

Easily track, manage and analyze your spend with Fraxion. Simplify purchase requisitioning, approval workflows, purchase order automation, expense management, vendor catalog integrations, and spend analysis in the cloud. Replace manual inefficiencies and capture real-time visibility for your business purchasing and spending by migrating to a robust digital platform with advanced analytics and cloud connectivity.

Fraxion empowers finance teams to manage procurement with simplicity and complete auditability:

· Automate and simplify requisition to purchase order processes company-wide.

· Buy, claim, and approve from any location, using Fraxion’s mobile app.

· Review budget impact at decision points

· Establish internal purchasing policies and guide your team to compliant and accountable spending.

· Manage expense claims, per diems and travel.

· Centralize internal controls, approvals, and purchasing records.

· Improve AP efficiency with invoice approvals, receiving, and 3-way matching.

· Gain spend visibility, analytics and reporting power.

· Complement and extend your accounting system with seamless integrations.

With Fraxion, all purchases are tracked, approved, policy compliant, and on budget.

With over twenty years of domain experience, Fraxion is trusted by cross-industry companies worldwide to enable effective procurement management, proactive spend control, informed decision-making, to identify saving opportunities, and reduce operational spend.

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