GAINS Demand Planning and Forecasting

от GAINSystems, Inc.

Better Accuracy. Faster Response.

Don't let demand variability and forecast error play havoc on your supply chain. GAINS produces a dynamic, optimal demand plan that is combined with robust inventory and replenishment optimization to reduce inventory and working capital. Our advanced Demand Planning and Forecasting capabilities include demand pattern recognition as well as demand sensing and machine learning that helps automatically detect and respond to changes. It all adds up to higher forecast accuracy and improved service levels, reduced expediting costs and increased revenue -- achieved in a matter of weeks.

Because GAINS operates as a fully-integrated supply chain planning and optimization suite, Demand Planning and Forecasting is a critical prerequisite to optimizing global inventory and maximizing return on assets (ROA). As an integral input to Inventory Optimization, Demand Planning and Forecasting provides highly accurate baseline forecasts. By synchronizing planning across the organization and among enterprises as part of the SI&OP process, GAINS helps accelerate supply chain response time.

GAINSystems is a pioneer in technology for optimizing supply chains, and our team has seen just about everything. That’s why we developed a comprehensive approach that considers error and variability across supply, demand & operations. You can rest assured that our supply chain experts will work side-by-side with yours and together we’ll think of everything -- ultimately producing stellar results for customers in Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail and MRO.

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