AI city mapping and public space intelligence

от Geckomatics

Extract smart 3D information out of urban spaces

Supercharge your public space management with superior information about your city’s assets. Optimize your operations with up-to-date insights into your city’s trees, traffic signs, roadmarkings, street furniture, and more

  • Full geopositioned 360º images 

  • Object recognition to create high quality inventories of your valuable assets
  • Accurate geopositioning and object measurements
  • Data integrates seamlessly in your workflow and existing software system
  • Keep your data up to date - ask us about regular remapping
  • The world’s most powerful public space mapping system

Geckomatics creates a smart digital twin of your city, giving you a complete overview of your roadside objects to empower you with the information you need. This is not just mobile mapping as we know it, but your digital lens on outdoor assets that helps you understand, manage and plan public infrastructure better.

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