Hive Core Video Analytics & Optimization Bundle

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The Power of Hive Streaming Enterprise Video with the Flexibility of Our Industry-Leading Analytics

The Video Analytics and Optimization Bundle combines some of Hive’s most in-demand solutions, utilized by Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

  • Stream internal company broadcasts that reach more employees than ever before
  • Ensure the best possible video experience for all viewers with reliable eCDN support
  • Access powerful tools to track and understand video performance across your global workforce

Hive Video Optimization allows you to:

  • Ensure the highest possible video quality for all employees, regardless of their location
  • Offload the corporate network with up to 99% bandwidth savings
  • Overcome poor connection issues

Hive Video Analytics allows you to:

  • Analyze live event and on-demand video performance (including event participation, Quality of Experience (QoE), viewers over time, and bandwidth savings)
  • Track and monitor your stream in real time and review past evet performance
  • Easily export a summary of the most powerful insights as a PDF, Excel file or link to an interactive web page, and share your success with company leadership or non-technical stakeholders

Premium add-ons:

    • Understand viewer engagement at the office and home, throughout the entire duration of each video event
    • Set custom date ranges and monitor usage and performance across all events and platforms over time to understand long-term trends in video consumption

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