HARMONIX 'Smart' Manufacturing Planning

от Imagineer Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd

HARMONIX is the first SaaS cloud real-time throughput computator for scheduling production jobs

HARMONIX is the first real-time throughput computator that utilize its unique algorithm to 'harmonize'​ manufacturing operations. This tool analyzes your data transactions of your Manufacturing Planning Systems and intelligently reschedule your production jobs and material consumption requirements to achieve higher yield and material movement.

HARMONIX runs on a cloud SaaS model where clients can subscribe its service on monthly basis. This analytic tool reads end-of-day Outstanding Sales Order, Outstanding Production Orders and Closing Stock and then computes the production throughput rate. With the throughput rate computed, HARMONIX  analyzes impact of unexpected downtime, worker absenteeism, urgent orders, rework or any unexpected events at shop-floor that may disrupt the order fulfillment.  HARMONIX then reschedule jobs required to meet the fulfillment date. 

HARMONIX works with major ERP/MRP in the market. It is designed to work without UI, therefore learning curve is very much shortened compared to many APS system in the market. HARMONIX intelligently reads data from Content Authoring Tool (such as Excel) and then performs complex process routing and configure variety of setup and pre/post process in the routing automatically. This benefits drastically reduced deployment time and efforts to configure mapping to different clients manufacturing process. 

HARMONIX relies on its unique algorithm to 'harmonize' production jobs by balancing production loads to minimize impact on bottleneck resources. The consequence of imbalanced load results to unnecessary man labor overtime, under utilizing machine resources (unnecessary idle time), over-produced WIP/FG, material cannibalization, obsolete inventory, higher inventory cost, higher storage cost and missed sales opportunities.

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