The mercatere supplier portal application, streamlines the entire procurement and pay process

Supplier management has never been easy for organizations across industries. Streamline procurement and enable efficient end-end supplier management with Mercatere, Impiger’s Supplier Portal

Mercatere is a robust and flexible self-service tool that enables companies to work with suppliers. It automates tedious activities thereby reducing the manual work needed during the procurement process. It focuses on helping your business automate the entire process between you and your suppliers, from purchasing to maintaining payments, making the process much more reliable and trustworthy.

With Mercatere, you can:

· Seamlessly onboard suppliers and maintain data including ratings.

· Make communication with suppliers completely automated, customized, and real-time.

· Design custom workflows and approval systems.

· Easily integrate with any internal or external ERP system.

· Enhance transparency related to processes with role-based access control.

· Generate detailed graphs and charts of the reports on the dashboard to help with real-time status updates.

· Promote supply chain growth and flexibility through data-driven decisions.

· Digitize documents to manage compliance effectively.

In the absence of an end-to-end process supply chain management becomes cumbersome. Similarly, when self-service capabilities are missing, updating supplier information becomes very difficult. Businesses managing suppliers trying to build customized solutions themselves is very expensive and time consuming. This is where Mercetere, Impiger’s supplier portal solution comes handy. Mercatere solves all these business pain points and more in a holistic manner. Below are some of the key features:

· Managing purchase order

· Checking material status

· Creating inspection report

· Creating ASN

· Generating receipts

· Sharing feedback and generating ratings

Why Mercatere:

Mercatere has been in the market for over a decade. Mercatere has efficiently transformed the supplier processes for over 200+ businesses. Nearly 50K+ suppliers are being currently managed by our Mercetere solution across customers. Impiger’s supplier portal has been used across geographies. It has spread its wings in nearly 6+ countries. The solution has been successfully integrated with third parties like SAP, Oracle Net Suite, Microsoft Dynamics etc. The solution has been integrated across cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP. The wide variety of customizations available in Mercetere makes it convenient to implement into any organization’s ecosystem.

Implementing Mercatere will streamline, simplify, and improve communication between your business and suppliers. Digitalizing the supplier management process will help your business save time, effort, and cost significantly.

Interested in learning more or setting up a live demo of the Mercatere? Visit our site at Contact us - Impiger Technologies to schedule your consultation for a detailed discussion.

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