Infosys Zero Touch Sales Order Creation in SAP

от Infosys Limited

Zero Touch Order Creation through MS Teams and using OCR

An integrated collaboration channel allowing sales personnel submit, process as well as get real time updates of the sales order directly from the underlined ERP Core using MS TEAMS. 

Today, even in a well connected and digitized world, majority of the ERP functions are disconnected and requires manual interventions. This takes time and effort and often multiple parties and points of failure. An “Integrated Collaboration Platform” thus is becoming the need of the hour. Multiple parties can communicate in real time and can also perform business operations while in conversation. This would save time and effort in coordination, validation etc.

Our solution approach addresses the very specific issue for processing sales orders. Bringing multiple parties together on Microsoft TEAMS, use underlying azure integration services and using Infosys’s own powerful conversation platform to provide a seamless integration for the end user with underlying systems. 

Business Challenges:

  • High cost and low operating margins
  • Creating sales order is a tedious manual process
  • Error prone and time consuming process

Solution Overview:

  • Allowing Vendors and customers connect to organization through MS Teams.
  • Vendor can submit the order through MS Teams
  • Using industry recognized Infosys NIA conversation platform** and its NLP algorithm to engage with the user.
  • Accept the document using Infosys built Business Document Manager solution based on cognitive services to match the incoming order with relevant templates
  • Using deep learning algorithms-based Azure Form Recognizer, ‘read’ incoming document data and extract information from the document
  • Using either manual validation or auto approval, post the order in SAP S/4HANA
  • Ability to check Real time status of the sales order

**While we recommend to use Infosys NIA for a choice of collaboration Platform, the architecture can work on any enterprise grade collaboration / conversation platform.

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