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IPOsystem - decision system using Narrow AI for independent direct manufacturing control

IPOsystem is the world's first decision system using Narrow Artificial Intelligence algorithms for independent and direct control of the production processes with no need for scheduling. IPOsystem does not need planners or production managers on the production floor to make optimum decisions regarding the sequence of each task execution and the selection of resources for the same. The system controls the work of both workers and machines in real time, taking into account any changes of their status as they occur, as well as the current situation on the production floor. In case of any deviation from the applied standards, the system immediately, within seconds, makes suitable adjustments and additional optimisation. Upon logging into the system, each employee immediately receives a command to carry out the optimum task at that specific time. In this way the overall production process is managed in terms of the most effective path for the execution of all production orders, with maximum possible engagement of available personnel and machines. Such a system of production management involves overall process optimization in real time. Rather than relying on production scheduling, IPOsystem plans the production and manages the resources through a smart decision mechanism, making IPOsystem one of the first Autonomous Decision Systems (ADS). Apart from its basic functions, the system collects feedback on the progress of the production process, estimates the time required to finish new orders and also manages tasks related to logistics and supply. It also enables allocation of production costs at any moment of a process and offers many other functions. Production managers who are released from making plans or assigning tasks on the production floor may now focus on more strategic aspects of production process equipped with accurate and on-line data taken from IPOsystem. The managers receive full feedback on bottlenecks, completion times, machine status, resources availability, personnel absence, workload etc. in real time and 24/7. Thanks to the IPOsystem factory productivity increases by at least 15-30% within a year after system implementation. All our customers have achieved the level of operational skill being beyond their reach before. This application is available in Polish.

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