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Kaltura TV Platform


The Leading Cloud TV Platform

Kaltura's mission is to power any video experience. Kaltura’s Media and Telecom business unit helps telcos, operators and media companies make the transition to a full-fledged Cloud TV service that caters to the exacting demands of modern TV viewers.

With over 40 million monthly global users, Kaltura is the leading Cloud TV platform in the market. The Kaltura TV Platform is deployed by global operators such as Vodafone and VEON, as well as media companies including Viacom18, Turner, KCP, Viacom International and more.

The Kaltura TV Platform, deployed on Azure, provides an end-to-end solution. Based on the Microsoft Creation Tool and infrastructure, including the Microsoft CDN, Kaltura adds a layer of advanced distribution and monetization, and integrates with Microsoft Cognitive Services to power an unprecedented targeted and personalized TV experience for users on any device.

Kaltura reinforces the four core elements of Cloud TV; Experience, Business, Data and IP Video Control. Leveraging these elements, Kaltura provides a unique Targeted TV solution providing a truly personalized TV experience for each user.

Modular and Tailored Experience

With Kaltura, content and service providers can support any type of content, live TV, VOD, and 3rd party apps. By combining AI and BI capabilities with advanced UI design and development, operators provide personalized experiences for users, with enhanced content discovery, and recommendations. With support on any device, Kaltura makes it possible to offer a consistent experience across all screens.

Business Freedom

With Kaltura, operators can create tailored TV products like custom content bundles and packages, effectively increasing revenue, reducing churn, and increasing upsell options. The Kaltura TV Platform offers infinite monetization and flexibility, including: SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, EST, coupons, freemium, and external wallet integration.


Kaltura enables operators to turn their data into meaningful action and deliver improved business outcomes. The platform uses BI tools and enhanced metadata to create a user interface that increases engagement through personalized recommendations and boosts revenue through tailored promotions based on viewer habits, location and demographics, all while complying with privacy regulations.

IP Video Control

Kaltura offers an unprecedented pay TV SLA availability of 99.995. Kaltura inserts Cloud TV services into existing TV ecosystems, offering a seamless transition for viewers, prolonging the lifetime of existing STBs and cable boxes. With support for the industry’s most popular and widely used video formats, audio tracks, and captions, Kaltura enables smooth video streaming and delivery across all devices and platforms: web, mobile, STBs, streaming boxes/sticks, and gaming consoles.