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Kespry Perception Analytics: Harness the Value of Complex, Industrial Imagery and Video Data

Industrial companies, in chemicals, pulp & paper, energy, food & beverage, and ports, capture petabytes of video and photo data daily from visual sensors including cameras, drones and thermal guns to provide critical insights into asset conditions and performance across operations. But reliability and maintenance teams waste valuable time organizing and searching inaccessible, unaggregated and difficult-to-parse visual sensor data located across multiple users and systems. This makes it difficult to detect and track issues such as leaks, corrosion, and thermal hot-spots.

Kespry Perception Analytics streamlines these processes by creating a geotagged, historical repository for visual data, built on Microsoft Azure’s cloud backbone. Kespry’s partnership with Microsoft ensures Kespry Perception Analytics is easily and dependably deployable across enterprises at scale. Together, Kespry and Microsoft enable teams to seamlessly analyze multiple sources of data across assets, track trends over time, and be proactive when issues start to arise.


  • Upload visual data from any source or link to any existing cloud storage

  • Import or generate photogrammetric files (orthos, DEMs, etc) for visual context

  • Intelligently search and filter data by any attribute, including time, location and source

  • Deploy any ML/CV model across all your visual data in the enterprise

  • Link visual data with the respective operational data of the entities identified within (e.g. telemetry, maintenance records)

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