Lerta Energy Intelligence

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LEI helps business with reducing energy costs and generate additional revenue

Lerta Energy Intelligence is the all-in-one solution for energy monitoring, data analytics and automated decision-making (eg. controlling HVAC installations). The software tracks energy production & usage within organization and buildings, allows to optimize consumption by taking control of heating and cooling and generates additional revenue through ancillary services (eg. Demand Side Response). Lerta Energy Intelligence is a B2B/B2G platform which addresses needs of several parties: energy producers, business (commercial & industry) and public authorities. The solution consists of (a) hardware devices (eg. climate sensors, energy meters, HVAC controllers), (b) cloud software and (c) machine-learning based algorithms. While helping business and public authorities with saving money on energy in their buildings, we gain insight about their usage, optimize it thorough automated HVAC control and offer the best bundle of renewable source, power purchase agreement and commercial energy offer. Additionally, Lerta uses internal sources and controllable machines and appliances to generate revenue through ancillary services (demand side response, frequency regulation). A the same time, we connect producers to our platform, enabling them working as a part of the Virtual Power Plant and offer energy in the best possible prices through PPAs and ancillary balancing services.

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