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AI driven Fully Automated Planning Platform for Apparel Industry

CAPACITY Squared is an AI driven assistive planning tool for apparel manufacturing. Generating the production schedule traditionally has been a highly complex and iterative task which takes hours of effort. The available software tools most often provide a visual planning board that aid planners to plan manually. Nevertheless, after hours spent on the plan, the accuracy of it remains subjective and is prone to human error, also bias. CAPACITY Squared is a tool built after careful research of this planning process and with the input of leading apparel manufacturers to optimize this planning function. It incorporates advanced algorithms to optimize the sewing planning function providing the manufacturer the opportunity to save up to 20% in plant capacity which could potentially lead to additional revenue opportunity. Further it significantly reduces the planning time of several hours to less than 5 mins and enables planners to accommodate ad-hoc developments in the factory floor and supply chain more frequently and accurately, leading to less disruptions. What’s more, CAPACITY Squared’s AI based planning engine delivers production schedules with allocation efficiencies of over 99.5% that are unparalleled and unprecedented compared to the conventional non-automated approach. CAPACITY Squared can be deployed as a Cloud-based Web application that can be easily integrated with your existing ERP system through a simple API. Apart from its obvious benefits Its speed of deployment, ease of use and affordability makes it a complete game changer for the apparel industry.

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