Energy and Sustainability Manager

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Driving Energy Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing by Digitalization using Azure cloud

Most manufacturing organizations try to optimize energy consumption and track their sustainability goals by taking a reactive approach. While today's shop floors are empowered with IoT-enabled sensors and real-time data acquisition techniques, the actual auditing is still not proactive. In this climate, responding to issues after they occur may lead to higher direct expenses and significant fines from regulatory authorities.

With the help of the Energy and Sustainability Manager, LTTS helped the F&B major in achieving environmental compliance and standard in accordance with ISO 50000/ 50001. The implementation also ensured that the environmental goals were observed across the organization. Although traditional methods of managing manufacturing plants are still available in the market, LTTS’ solution helps companies to remain sustainable, successful and competitive.

Business Impact:

•             Cost savings to the tune of YoY 10-15%

•             Development of new capabilities to track & eliminate loss and inefficiencies

•             Ability to compare and benchmark similar equipment/ area/ plant consumption

•             Elimination of compliance related non-conformities/ penalties

•             Forecast and align policies accordingly

•             Improve GRI and Integrated

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