Numerator Omnipanel

от Market Track, LLC

Large consumer panel with purchase history tied to demographics, both online and bricks and mortar

Numerator maintains a large and growing omnichannel consumer purchase panel based on crowd-sourced receipt scanning, as well as opt-in Amazon and email account linkage. 
Our total panel size is 500,000, with 100,000 of the panelists demographically balanced and 12 months active, with product item level detail, demographics and psychographics assigned to each household. 
Channels that we cover include grocery, mass, drug, pet, beauty, convenience store, dollar, club, military, health stores, liquor, ecommerce, home improvement, office, QSR and electronics. 
Discover brand / category / channel level insights including: 
 - what are the demographics of a brand buyers? 
 - what combinations of products are certain buyers buying together? 
 - in what channel are buyers buying certain categories but not others? 
 - how is the shift to ecommerce affecting a certain category? 
 - how much are buyers spending on certain brands and/or categories and does that vary by retailer? 
 - what is driving a brand's growth? Is it new buyers or more volume from existing buyers? 

Our SaaS based platform has data updated daily, or we have standard reports and consultants that can help you answer key business questions about consumer packaged goods, electronics or key retailers. We also offer data feeds of our consumer panel data, updated weekly. Please contact us for more details. 

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