Night Deposit Bag Auditing & Safety

Mesh Systems

Simplify administration, tracking, and safety of night deposit bags

An end-to-end tracking platform, Mesh Systems' Night Deposit Bag Auditing & Safety solution helps financial institutions and their customers easily track and monitor the location and status of bags and pouches used for depositing cash, coin, checks, and credit card slips into bank drop boxes, also known as night depositories. This capability is ideal for businesses and enterprises that stay open late at night, 24-hours per day, or have cash-intensive businesses, including restaurants, fast food businesses, bars, convenience stores, gas stations, retailers, and cannabis shops.

The solution can be offered by banks as a value-added service in which customers are given deposit bags or pouches with low-cost, long battery-life Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons discretely embedded in the fabric. Each business owner is also provided a cellular-enabled network for tracking the beacons. Each beacon has a unique signature correlated to the business. As a bag or pouch leaves a customer site, it is tracked. Once deposited in a night drop box, a different gateway, installed in the bank vault, recognizes the night drop bag, and sends an email notification to the business owner.

The BLE beacons are low-cost, small form factor, and leverage long-life batteries.

Key benefits and features include:

Low cost: Easily and affordably track night drop bags and pouches, using widely available off-the-shelf beacons then uses cellular cloud connectivity to continually track them.

Increases visibility: Provides visibility of night drop bags at customer workplaces, in-transit or deposited at the bank by generating email notifications that indicate location and status, including if missing or late based on user defined parameters.

Improves traceability: Simplifies locating bags and pouches that are misplaced, stolen or inadvertently left somewhere, such as employees’ cars or stuck in a depository chute. Additionally, because each beacon has a unique signature, bank employees can quickly identify which bags or pouches belong to each bank customer.

Supports employee privacy:  Offers a more cost-effective, less intrusive solution than placing GPS trackers in night drop bags and pouches. GPS trackers provide exact locations, and hence, the activities of managers and employees responsible for making the deposit.
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