Golden Production Run

от Neewee Analytics Private Limited

Optimize production with the Golden Production Run AI app

With the Golden Production Run AI app, every aspect of the manufacturing batch or process is integrated under an automated multivariate analysis, which identifies the best range of parameters to guarantee optimized production consistently.  

The app also monitors operations, creates simulations, and offers real-time guidance that can be easily implemented on the shop floor.  

The benefits include improved production, improved yield, reduced cycle times and improved quality parameters. 

With a specific algorithm designed especially for the golden batch, the results can be seen in 8-10 weeks. Time guidance to operators on parameter settings to produce optimal outcomes and the ability to handle creeping variabilities in real-time are the major differentiators.  

This Golden Production AI app seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Azzure’s IoT platform to help manufacturing companies leverage data and use it to the fullest potential.

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