Map Data Management, Geospatial Data, APIs, SDKs, AI Platform is a map data and AI platform that powers custom use cases. It enables enterprises to “Own their Mapping Stack”. It’s far more customizable, scalable, and cost-effective than alternatives such as Google, Mapbox. It enables cheaper, faster, and more efficient deliveries/rides.

Competitive Differentiators

  • Better accuracy than Google / Mapbox

  • 20x more scalable

  • Support for on-prem deployment

  • More cost-effective, including support for unlimited API call plans

  • Map data, APIs, SDKs that are customizable at a per-customer level

  • Support for custom vehicle types (e.g. e-scooters, delivery bots, electric vehicles, cars, trucks, trailers)

  • Build + Maintain customizable map data layers on top of OSM / HERE / TomTom in a nearly automated fashion, at a per-customer level

  • Ability to leverage customers’ data, and the ability for APIs and SDKs to leverage intelligence generated from custom data

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