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Multitenant Office 365 and Azure Management Platform for CSPs and SIs

Increase profitability of your cloud managed service business using extensive IT service automation

Cloud Service Providers can easily and very cost-effectively deliver SaaS application managed services to their customers. Extensive service automation built into the Nuvolex platform combined with a highly intuitive UI empowers CSPs to realize significant productivity gains. Junior-level IT administrators successfully handle the most common Office 365 administrative tasks when using the Nuvolex platform, freeing up senior IT administrators to focus their efforts on the more complex IT support activities.

  • Single Pane of Glass” Multitenant Administration Portal: Concurrently manage any number of Microsoft 365 and Azure tenants, users, AD domains, licenses, VM and devices - all from a “Single Pane of Glass” administration console

  • XaaS Management: Easily deliver managed services support for all Microsoft cloud workloads – Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, Skype for Business, Teams, Intune and Azure VMs as well as AD and Azure AD users and groups, plus much more…

  • Control: Easily delegate very granular IT administrator access rights (ARBAC) at the tenant, Organizational Unit, AD Domain and even at the action level (ex: reset user password) across all your Microsoft 365 and Azure customers.

  • Identity Management: Multitenant management of on premises AD and Azure AD identities. 

  • Automate: Apply user configuration policies to OUs for automatic Office 365 licenses and attribute provisioning.

  • Bulk Update: Assign or modify unlimited numbers of user licenses and attributes settings with simple mouse clicks. 

  • Top Level Bulk Settings: Push updates to Microsoft 365 service configurations (ex: enable workload auditing) across multiple tenants in a few clicks 
  • Report: Get visibility and usage analytics and various other
    reports on a per tenant basis for Office 365 and Azure. 

  • Audit: Audit all administrative actions across all tenants and cloud services performed by your IT support team. 

  • SaaS based XaaS Management Platform: Platform delivered as a SaaS multitenant management platform hosted on Azure with support for Azure AD SSO. 

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