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OnePlan provides the tools needed to strategically plan and execute New Product Development

Effective product portfolio management helps your organization balance the product portfolio to drive company growth and profitability. OnePlan provides the tools needed to strategically plan and then execute your New Product Development.

Key Features

Crowdsource Product Ideas
Don’t miss out on the next big idea. Innovation can come from anywhere. To foster innovation teams must be able to collect, vote and prioritize every new idea. In many cases, it’s consolidation of multiple ideas that generates winning products. Engage your teams and empower out of the box thinking to drive innovation across the Enterprise.

Align Product to Strategy
New and existing products must fit within the context of your customers’ needs, the market, and your enterprise budgeting. Horizon-based portfolio analytics and modelling enable the planning of products based on customer value, strategic capacity allocations, and financial data.

Prioritize Features and Products
Continuously review the backlog of features and new product requests, re-prioritizing them based on market analysis and shifts in strategy.

Visualize your Release Plan
Define releases, organize your team and work to establish cadence that supports a continuous cycle of delivery activity. Use work management tools to help teams optimize flow when building products. Integrate with other work management tools favored by your teams.

Engage Product Teams
Bi-directionally connect your portfolio to agile tools such as Microsoft Azure DevOps and Jira to manage backlogs and sprints. Enable these teams to work in the tools they need while providing the information you need to effectively manage the Portfolio.

Create Product Roadmaps
Define the unique journey for each product, aligning it to strategy and capturing resource and budget requirements. View and manage each roadmap individually and collectively to fully understand the interdependencies within the portfolio.

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