AI-Powered Manufacturing Execution System

от Proente Endüstriyel Otomasyon Egitim Yazilim A.S.

ProwMES is a Plug&Play AI-powered MES that monitors, predicts and reports production problems

Factories have 60% production efficiency on average around the world mainly due to not being able to adequately monitor machines’ action, production processes, and operators. Also, maintenance needs and unplanned machinery break downs are quite challenging for planning and management. Using ProwMES, factories can monitor machine and operator activities and production in real-time. Using ProwMES’ Predictive maintenance & quality features, factories will be able to predict and prevent maintenance needs and flawed production. ProwMES, a cloud-based Plug&Play product, can be fully implemented in hours and allows managers to monitor and manage their system from anywhere at anytime. It is used by S&P 500 companies as well as SMEs.

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