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AI powered solution that drives accurate sales forecasting and pipeline management.

Prophesee is an AI powered solution that automates sales forecasting and tracking. It addresses business challenges such as:

  1. Poor planning. Forecasting today is a cumbersome intuitive process.
  2. Poor customer understanding. Businesses focus on one or two dimensions of a customer such as revenue or products bought vs. a true customer 360.
  3. Poor decisions. With so much data, information is easily overlooked.
  4. Poor data. Most data is a record of fact rather than a measure of change.

“Prophesee” presents executives with scenario outcomes and helps them to make better, more informed, decisions. It enables decision makers to:

  1. Assess the impact of strategic and tactical decisions by correlating enterprise wide micro trends across millions of data points.
  2. Take appropriate actions in real time by automating analysis and providing context.
  3. Improve data quality by identifying data anomalies resulting from poor processes and user behaviour.

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