Delva IoT

от PT Rekadia Solusi Teknologi

Industrial IoT Platform for Optimal Plant Productivity Throught Real-time Data Analytics

Delva IoT is an industrial grade internet of things platform capable of connecting various well-known brands of sensor instruments, PLC, historian, and middleware to cloud and mobile application. Delva IoT aims to optimize plant productivity and to reduce unplanned downtime through real-time data access to machinery and predictive maintenance.

Delva IoT processes data into insightful information for decision making through analysis using AI and machine learning, resulting in accurate operating performance calculation, indication of anomalies, and predictive maintenance.


  • Operating Performance. Analyzes actual performance of machinery based on real-time conditions of equipment.
  • Equipment Health Assessment. Calculates equipment health based on current and historical operating conditions of equipment.
  • Condition Monitoring. Continuously monitors parameters of condition in equipment, in order to identify a significant change which is indicative of a developing fault.
  • Early Warning. Alerts users through various communication media (application, email, SMS) should the system encounters indications of anomalies.

Delva IoT helps management in analysis and decision making through real-time plant and machine data. It is also used by field workers to gain insight to current machine condition and early warning system.

Delva IoT especially beneficial for companies that utilizes sophisticated machine for their operations, i.e.: oil & gas, power plant, petrochemical, mining, fertilizer, cement, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and food processing.

We are using Microsoft technology at our core system, resulting enterprise grade Delva Application: robust, stable and secure. Delva IoT supports Azure IoT Hub and Azure Stream Analytics.

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