ADAPT Forecast

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Use ADAPT Forecast to produce the ideal labour model and strategically reduce costs.

Adapt Forecast gives your business the power to accurately predict labour demand, simplifying workforce planning and reducing overhead costs. This powerful solution uses Azure AI machine learning to process historical data, within an easy-to-use, web-based interface. Multiple team members can work on the same forecasting task at once.  All activity is captured for easy auditing, and the solution is hosted in the cloud, ensuring secure access to your data at all times. 

▶ Leverage data from across your business and beyond, including  events, promotions, local activity and the weather, to intelligently forecast labour demand
▶ Aggregate forecasts for faster and more accurate analysis
▶ Increase workforce capacity, satisfaction, productivity and performance
▶ Identify growth opportunities and elevate customer satisfaction through accurate planning and analysis
▶ Get instant access to the information you need to make the best decisions about your staffing for better cost savings

Precisely analyse historical labour patterns to predict what will happen in your business's future; giving you the power to schedule the staff you’ll need. Increase customer satisfaction, avoid unnecessary overhead costs, and keep your business operating in the most efficient, effective way with this easy to implement solution.

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