Supply Chain Automation Suite (SCAS)

от Seeloz Inc.

The World's First Autonomous Requirements Planning (ARP) Engine.

SCAS (Supply Chain Automation Suite) is the world’s first Autonomous Requirements Planning (ARP) Engine. Designed to autonomously drive efficiency, resilience, and sustainability across essential supply chains, SCAS is the trusted auto-pilot that supports the captains of modern supply chains. It serves as a reliable artificial intelligence solution that dynamically tunes the delicate balance between supply chain efficiency and robustness thus enabling high velocity decision making.

While SCAS is easily integrated with ERPs, it offers vertical specific capabilities which can be customized to meet customer needs. With Vertical AI and access to data, SCAS is able to deliver transformative business results in verticals that are heavily reliant on global supply chains.

SCAS takes on the complexity, volatility, and uncertainty of supply chains by leveraging the power of AI. It empowers enterprises and planners to maximize their full supply chain potential through AI-driven Autonomous Planning and Deep Reinforcement Learning. Through tailoring the core technology to fit different supply chain types, SCAS offers Vertical AI solutions for the following use cases:

  • SCAS Production: for inbound manufacturing supply chains

  • SCAS Distribution: for outbound distribution supply chains

  • SCAS MRO: for maintenance, repair & overhaul (MRO) Supply Chains

  • SCAS OSPAS (Oil Supply Planning & Scheduling): for upstream oil & gas supply chains

Across these supply chains, SCAS comprehensively manages inventory allocation activities while driving value for your organization, your internal, and external trading partners. The key benefits of the our solutions are:

  • 20% - 40% reduction in overstock paired with 60% - 80% reduction in stockouts

  • Optimal Inventory procurement and replenishment decisions

  • Real-time Inventory visibility and decision support

  • Minimized operational costs & supply chain overhead with maximized topline revenues

  • Flexibility to make physical supply chain changes without additional costs

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