Retina - AI based Retail Analytics Suite

Sonata Software Ltd.

AI based Retail Analytics Suite to provide Customer 360, Recommendation Engine etc.

Retail Targeted Intelligence and Analytics (Retina) provides a complete analytics solution for retailers. Retina is built on the philosophy of providing targeted and actionable insights to varying roles in the organization from floor executives to the CEO.

Retina is an AI-led Analytics product that provides a single view of all customer transactions for retailers to drive actionable insights. Retina provides the customer with personalized products, promotions, and services, which improve customer satisfaction and delight thereby increasing customer retention by creating a single communication strategy across various channels.

Retina collects data from multiple sources like POS, Loyalty systems, e-Commerce websites and social media to build an Enterprise Data lake, data warehouse, reports and advanced algorithms that help the retailer improve Store Operations, Merchandising, Promotions, Personalization, Segmentation, and Forecasting processes.

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