TransformPlus for Modern Application Development

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Accelerate development of modern, digital enterprise applications with TCS MasterCraft TransformPlus

TCS MasterCraft™ TransformPlus is a patented, model driven digital application development platform that supports decentralized development of functionally complex business applications, based on microservices and monolithic architecture. TransformPlus also enables the deployment of the developed applications on public or and private cloud environments, with the option of containerization.
TransformPlus helps enterprises develop applications by:
  • Generating User Interface (UI) for Web and Mobile Applications
  • Creating, Versioning and Documenting API creation
  • Packaging multiple deployment options
  • Ensuring a decentralized development 
  • Monitoring Microservices
TCS MasterCraft™ TransformPlus Capabilities include - 
  • Model Driven Development – Defines & and Configures Microservices with state-of-the-art UI using drag and drop wizards, and generating code using models
  • Multiple Technology Support – Users can define the technology stack through a user-friendly editor window that can generate the code for the required applications
  • Optimized Cloud Application Development - The code can be generated to develop cloud ready applications, enabling the development of vendor agnostic cloud optimized applications using Spring Cloud and Netflix OSS Components 
  • Docker Support - An image can be created for the entire application along with the required components from the product workbench with just a few clicks. The code created can be in line with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CICD)and packaged.
  • End to End Testing - Integrated support is provided for UI test cases and Microservices along with consumer driven contracts


  • High Quality of Deliverables: Ensures stringent adherence to industry standards with regards to coding patterns and enables a high level of compliance to architecture standards.
  • Faster time to market: Provides auto-code generation and component reusability, reducing the design-build cycle time and leading to 20-30% productivity gain in development, along with 10-20% reduction in the overall timeframe
  • Defect-free software – Reduces defects to just 0.05 per Function Point (FP) as against the industry standard of 0.33 defects per FP using Model Validations
  • Reduced Maintenance -  Supports a component based model that ensures a better maintainable code which helps in reducing maintenance effort 
  • No Vendor Lock-in – Uses Open-source libraries and framework, so that if the need arises, the complete project can be maintained outside TCS MasterCraft

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