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Automated Fashion Design, Development, & Global Supply Chain

Fashion made easier with an AI-driven platform that streamlines the product life cycle. Enhance design process and take control of the development timeline to stay ahead of trends, increase profit, and take your brand forward. Use TDC’s SaaS, autonomous enabled marketplace that combines CAD, CAM, CAE, and PLM in one cloud-based application. Respond quickly to market trends by cutting the design-to-delivery timeline from months to days. Control inventory and reduce financial loss with per-garment pricing that lets you scale orders to your business needs. Order exactly what you need; get it when you need it. Once an order is placed, leave shipping and cross-border logistics to us. For enterprises that want to use our technology to vertically integrate and connect with their existing suppliers and partners, we offer subscription-based API integrations. With TDC Fashion Design & Development, you get: • Access to an optimized global supply chain • Peace of mind about compliance and product origin • Inventory control through per-garment pricing • Accelerated design-to-delivery timeline • Shipping and cross-border logistics support

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