Timed Text Speech

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Automated video media captions subtitles Full SaaS, no install


They are the words that represent the spoken dialogue and sound effects from video programming. Captions are synchronized to the audio and adhere to accessibility standards mandated by law. Typically they are created as separate files using Telestream's CaptionMaker closed captioning software and can be embedded into video using Telestream Cloud. These files contain timing, text, position, font and color information. Once the files are created they need to be “married” to the media. They can either be “burned in” to create a unified single media file that can be distributed or they can be “married” in a tightly coupled fashion and enabled by the viewers of video programming by using an “on” or “off” button on consumer electronics such as smart phones, TVs, cable boxes, and software players on computers.

Integrating Captions with Media

A proper video processing software has the capability to produce media with embedded captions. With Telestream Cloud, the process is really simple. You upload the source media, typically an MP4 or MOV file and the captions, typically an SCC file. Choose the encoding parameters and options on Telestream Cloud or provide an advanced workflow using Vantage to process the media files. The output that is generated, based on your selection criteria will include your captions. The process is that simple.

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