Omnitech Unified Commerce Cloud - Inventory Hub

Tofugear Limited

Distributed inventory management across all points of stock

Omnitech Unified Commerce Cloud Platform is the enterprise modular solution for achieving omnichannel capabilities within your retail business today.  Depending on your operations and customer channel needs, Omnitech is offered in 8 different hubs, empowering retailers to:

1. Maximize customer acquisition and retention
2. Sell anywhere, anytime, on any device
3. Connect and mobilize store operations
4. Enable omnichannel fulfillment
5. Fully realize the scale of the business with Azure cloud

  • Inventory Management: Product inventory managed by SKU et. al. parameters 
  • Stock Transfer, Receive & Count Management: Inventory location tracking and management capability to record inventory locations on each premises as well as assigning which store / warehouse the location belongs to and transportation document records for inventory receiving / transferal and shipping. 
  •  Frontline Inventory Management Applications: Ready-made iOS applications to enable receiving, stock-counting, product search and transfers which can be customized to fit most business needs.
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