Collaboration Governor


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Collaboration administration and governance tool

With the deployment of Microsoft Teams our customers find several problems: - Uncontrolled Teams growth - O365 User Administration needed - No option to define templates - No option to configure “metadata” associated with a Team to facilitate identification by owner, department, categories, expiration date, etc. Collaboration Governor offers a Microsoft Teams administration and governance tool that solves the problems encountered and provides added value with extended functionalities. ADDED VALUE - Approval flow for Teams creation - Teams created from Templates - Tag categorization and search form Teams - Delegated administration: Roles based Application vs O365 admin user - Use of prefixes to distinguish O365 groups - Configure custom lifecycle policies - 2 use modes: Administrator team control vs user control with governance (new Teams creation and audit policies compliance) OPERATIONAL ADVANTAGES - Not interfere with standard Teams functionality - Reliable and Scalable application - High Availability - Ease of evolving with new features - Security: https, encrypted database for sensitive information, data keeps in Teams storage - 2 Deployment options: provided as SaaS or in your own Azure infrastructure

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