Vision Intelligence System -


Vision Intelligence System - Defects Detection in Manufacturing

To comply with high-quality demands from customers, businesses need to adopt new quality analysis technology. Trident offers Vision Intelligence System for manufacturing in Automobile, Glass, Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Laminate, and Cement verticals. To detect defects, measure dimensions of parts, Access high-speed detection on conveyors, detect missing components, read Barcodes and QR Codes, classify products, and much more with optical and thermal camera vision

  • Increase Manufacturing Output
  • Reduce Inspection Time
  • Maintain Process Consistency

Our Promise to you

Adopting this platform will be a boon by:

  • Interpret defects and solved before forthcoming delay
  • Boost first output by locating and solving the root cause of quality defects.
  • Widen quality by permit fixer to outline defective parts.
  • Save time by digitizing the defect-reporting activity.

Tangible Benefits/Desired Outcome

  • Optimize to major cost-product and manpower
  • Sampling of product inspection can be eliminated due to continuous inspection through vision cameras
  • Can revise all the defected products from data storage
  • Root cause analysis of defection can be done on real time basis

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