MXDR: Agile, Customized Solutions for Comprehensive Threat Coverage and Enhanced Cyber Resilience

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Enhance cybersecurity with CyberProof's agile MXDR service, tailored to bridge threat coverage gaps.

Security teams today face an uphill battle in detecting and responding to cyber threats, compounded by the challenges of continuously evolving attack methods and coverage gaps in existing systems. Research indicates that most SIEMs miss up to 84% of MITRE tactics and techniques, leaving organizations vulnerable to sophisticated attacks.

CyberProof's Managed Detection & Response (MXDR) service addresses these challenges head-on. By baselining threat landscapes against the MITRE ATTACK matrix and prioritizing business risks, CyberProof develops and deploys context-rich use cases. This allows for faster threat detection and more effective incident response, ensuring continuous improvement in cyber defenses. CyberProof's Managed Detection & Response service offers tailored, agile solutions to fill threat coverage gaps, utilizing a risk-based approach and continuous improvement to bolster cybersecurity defenses.


  • Targeted Threat Detection: By aligning detection rules with specific business risks, CyberProof significantly reduces alert fatigue and ensures that alerts are relevant and actionable.
  • Dynamic Response to Changing Threats: CyberProof’s agile approach continuously adapts as the threat landscape evolves, offering the most up-to-date defenses.
  • Efficient SOC Workflow: CyberProof enhances each stage of the SOC workflow, from alert triage to remediation, streamlining processes, and improving response times.
  • Holistic Risk-Based Strategy: By integrating a risk-based approach, CyberProof ensures that cybersecurity efforts align closely with overall business objectives, balancing cyber risk with business continuity needs.


  • Use Case Factory: A unique feature that goes beyond standard detections to create custom rules, hunting queries, and enrichments.
  • Agile Development of Use Cases: Employing Agile principles, CyberProof continuously develops use case kits, combining detection rules, response playbooks, and API integrations.
  • Comprehensive Incident Lifecycle Management: From detection to remediation, CyberProof provides contextual content across the entire incident lifecycle.
  • Central Repository of Use Cases: An easily accessible, organized repository of use cases, filtered by MITRE tactics, attack types, sectors, and more, ready for immediate deployment.
  • Co-Sourced Engagement Model: Combining virtual analysts, human experts, and automation for a more effective and transparent response mechanism.

About CyberProof

As a UST company, CyberProof supports enterprises by keeping them safe and secure from cyberattacks as they migrate to cloud-native environments. Using a groundbreaking combination of virtual analysts, expert human analysts, and automations, CyberProof supports, extends, and continually optimizes your cybersecurity operations while collaborating with your security team and critical stakeholders in real time.

Safe in the knowledge that your data is now fully protected, you can focus on achieving your critical business objectives and become the global entity you are meant to be: agile, adaptive, and innovative.Learn more at

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