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“More than just Temperature Monitoring”

UST’s Cold truth is cost effective solution based on  IoT technology integrated with Azure platform that can be readily installed and quickly cut cost after implementation. 

  • Accurate temp monitoring - Leverage advanced IoT technology to accurately monitor the freezer temp and pass it back for further action
  • Managed Service- The business changes over time so UST will actively manage and turn the algorithms with those business changes
  • Infinitely Scalable -Start small, prove it out at a few stores, then ramp stores with nominal flat fee per store.

Technology -

  • Azure IoT Hub
  • Azure stream analytics
  • Azure SQL server
  • Azure Virtual Machine
  • Node JS (API) & Angular (Dashboard)
Food waste is a global issue. In retail industry, temperature fluctuation, freezer failure, power outage gets unnoticed and lead to food waste. Manual temperature logging leads to data loss or human error and is tedious to take many times a day. Challenge to promptly share Temperature data with the Compliance team or Food Safety Regulatory Department during audits.
Delayed notification sent to the store manager or Maintenance team regarding a freezer failure

Benefits -

  • Allows to track real-time temperature from the freezer at all levels – Surface, Middle, Bottom with 100% saving – Temp Logger
  • Alert sent to the Store Manager/ Maintenance team if the required temperature is not met -50% saving – Store Manager
  • Monitor real-time and historical temp data that were maintained in various freezers at different location
  • 100% saving on the product that were otherwise being discarded due to temp fluctuation or freezer failure 

Features -

  • IoT battery powered sensors
  • Sensors can transmit data via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
  • Cloud (Azure) based IoT Platform 
  • Alert sent to store manager in case of anomaly
  • Customized dashboard for data visualization
  • Dashboard –  Web & Mobile App

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