Connected Product Cloud

от Avery Dennison Retail Information Services LLC connected product cloud is a platform to create, manage and assign digital identities., connected product cloud by Avery Dennison: A platform that unlocks the power of connected products by assigning unique digital IDs to everyday items, providing unparalleled end-to-end transparency by tracking, storing, and managing all the events associated with each individual product — all the way from source to consumer and beyond, enabling circularity.

The platform includes:

  • The modules which enable a set of use cases across different industries (apparel/footwear, food, FMCG, pharma, beauty, logistics) for the different business objectives of Brand Protection, Operational Excellence, and Consumer Engagement.

  • The App Store for digital IDs with several front-end application partners already in the store.

  • The Sandbox for brands and partners to build out use cases in an intuitive, self-service environment. The Sandbox will allow customers to discover the power of connected products within the ecosystem.

Use cases:

We have the widest suite of use cases in the market, covering the true end-to-end journey from raw materials to the consumer — and all the way back.

We’re industry-agnostic:

We cover a variety of different verticals and unlock the power of connected products in more industries, including FMCG. pharma and healthcare.

We are a "one-stop shop":

Combined with Avery Dennison’s progressive family of digital triggers, we are able to provide the label/trigger and offer the end-to-end software platform to create a truly connected product. Our digital triggers include UHF RFID, QR, NFC, and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) such as Wiliot. Avery Dennison is a Fortune 500 company and the world's largest RFID company. See our product portfolio on

Industrial market use cases

There are additional use cases for the industrial market such as parts tracking, product authentication, and anti-gray-market diversion.

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