• Take an app built on Dynamics 365 for a test drive

    Microsoft AppSource launched last year as a destination for organizations to find and try apps tailored to help transform their business—apps that work with the Microsoft products and technologies many of these businesses already use, such as Cortana Intelligence, Dynamics 365, Office 365, and Power BI.

  • Manufacturing leaders use contract management

    Commerce throughout the ages has centered around the concept of agreements between parties. The contract itself is the center of this as it documents every aspect of these agreements. The ability to effectively manage this agreement process and then to record all of this in a contract is the foundation of why a contract management solution is necessary for organizations. This is especially true for manufacturers who work with incredibly complex agreements that are tied to not only customer and supplier order quantities, but also now are tied to quality of their products and the overall ability to react to customer needs. As manufacturers deal with increasingly complex business negotiations and subsequent agreements, they stand to gain significant advantages from using an enterprise contract management solution to help drive compliance and ultimately profitability.

  • Businesses run on apps

    In our cloud-centric business world, companies big and small, global and local, are increasingly powered by apps. Microsoft AppSource is the single destination for businesses that use Microsoft products — from Dynamics 365, Office 365 to Power BI and more — to discover and try apps tailored to their business needs.