4 low-cost ways to drive traffic to your listing

In last week’s blog I suggested a number of ways that publishers can optimize their listing on Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace. Now, you might ask, can I drive customer traffic to my listing?

You don’t need to invest a lot of funds in paid promotion and advertising to drive customers to your listing. The suggestions below provide ways you can make your solution more visible across search engines to potential customers while building advocacy and community around your product:

  1. Engage current customers through existing channels: Use the new “get it from” badging on your website and existing marketing comms to remind customers your product or solution is available on Microsoft AppSource or Azure Marketplace. Consider publishing articles and success stories in industry blogs and newsletters. In all publications, be sure to include media share buttons and link back to the marketplace from your landing pages.
  2. Develop customer advocates through conversational marketing: Two-way communication builds trust and recognition within the industry and provides your customers with more than just a product experience. Selling on Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace already helps build that trust, and you can nurture relationships further by engaging with advocates on blogs and industry forums, promote your customers through success stories published across industry channels, and offer rewards for referrals. These customer advocates will increase your overall share of voice and draw others into the discussion around your product.
  3. Use industry keywords in your PDP: As you develop your PDP through Partner Center, use trusted, research-supported and targeted industry terms to ensure that your PDP shows up when customers search for a solution. In addition to carrying out targeted in-house research, there are several keyword planning tools available through both Bing and Google.
  4. Increase search visibility through search engine optimization and marketing (SEO and SEM): Search engines prioritize new content. Update your listing and sales conversation pages regularly with screen shots, videos, and text to ensure that the automated programs that surf the internet register your listing as recently updated. Be sure to update metadata page headers and descriptions to include relevant and trending industry keywords.

Explore more ways to get the most of our your listing by reading our comprehensive best practices guide for selling through Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace.

And as always, let me know what you think and how we can improve the buying and selling experience in Microsoft AppSource by reaching out to @MSFTAppSource

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