4 things you should know about selling direct through Microsoft AppSource

One of the most exciting changes that has recently come to Microsoft AppSource is the ability to publish transactable offers. The commercial marketplace platform that powers AppSource enables customers to purchase directly from the marketplace and deploy it seamlessly into their Microsoft cloud product. Adding this functionality is a direct result of feedback we’ve heardand we strive to build a marketplace that meets the needs of both our partners and customers. 

As interest around selling (and buying) through AppSource grows, here are four things you should know about publishing a transactable offer: 

  1. You choose the pricing terms for your app. There are several nuances for pricing transactable offers on AppSource. Should your app be priced at a fixed rate, consumption-based rate, or both? Should the pricing term be set at a monthly or annual pricing term? Determining what makes sense for your app prior to publishing will streamline the process. 
  1. You maximize your benefits with a transactable offer. Publishing a transactable offer unlocks an evergreen engagement in GTM, and a provides access to multiple Microsoft channels. See further details on our Microsoft marketplace rewards. 
  1. Once an app is published you unlock greater insights. Through Partner Center publishers have access to insights such as orders by offer, geography, and usage – all which can inform your business decisions. 
  1. We have a dedicated support tool to answer your questions. We are with you every step of the way. If you ever have a question during the publishing process, don’t hesitate to submit a ticket to our publisher support. 

Interested in learning more about publishing? My colleague Brian Levenson will be hosting a webinar on September 4th to dive into further details – make sure to register here. And if you’re not ready to sell directly through AppSource, not a problem! Our ISV guided web experience breaks down publishing in 8 simple steps, and our marketing resource guide provides easy tips to improve your demand generation today.  

As always, please let me know how it goes and how we can improve the selling and buying experience in Microsoft AppSource by reaching out to @MSFTAppSource.