Adoxio Regulate 365 license and permit for regulatory agencies

Governing bodies and regulatory agencies have a mandate to regulate people, professionals, industries, and organizations in compliance with standards designed to protect the public—A tall order that must be done with as little cost as possible.

Even though today technology is available to know exactly where things are at any given time. It is often not available when tracking the status of a regulated license or permit. After the initial submission, there’s no visibility into the progress or status of a license or permit application until it’s approved or rejected.

With the release of Adoxio Regulate 365 license and permit regulatory agencies are now able to do the following:

  • House all related membership/licensee data in one location
  • Automate processes for approving applications, renewals, and payments
  • Provides members and licensees with an easily accessible online portal to apply for memberships online, pay fees, register for required courses, view and update member profiles
  • Offers quality assurance tools and processes for proactive monitoring, compliance and disciplinary action

Microsoft has partnered with Adoxio to provide rich content management and an automation system that includes a portal for licensees to manage and track their license applications, a repository of data where consumers can view and learn about current licensees, and back-end capabilities that empower regulatory agencies with powerful insights into the industries they serve.

Visit AppSource to learn more and access a free trial of the Adoxio Regulate 365 license and permit app

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