AiR discovered app to help accomplish its goals on AppSource

For people recovering from behavioral health issues like alcohol and drug addiction, one of the biggest challenges is that they must make a lifelong commitment to engaging in treatment and self-care. Patients may be treated in a facility and learn recovery tactics, but once discharged, they’re back in their old environment, and all too often they slide back into a pattern of unhealthy behavior.

Founded in 2002, AiR (which stands for Assistance in Recovery) is an international provider of disease management and telephone-based care coordination solutions for chronic behavioral health conditions. AiR’s approach relies on family and community involvement, and sustained communication between patients and providers, to improve recovery rates.

Recently AiR began planning, coordinating, and personalizing care for its clients using Tribridge Health360 Care Coordination, built on Microsoft Cloud technology. AiR was introduced to the solution through Microsoft AppSource, the online destination for software-as-a-service business and industry apps built on Microsoft products and technologies.

The solution allows AiR to scale from providing care on an individual basis to a large population, without losing the personal approach that has made it successful. Since Health360 is built on the Microsoft platform, the solution also allows AiR to integrate with other tools and resources, such as electronic medical records, allowing the organization to use data in new ways.

Recently David Turcotte sat down with AiR Chief Executive Officer Jaclyn Wainwright to discuss the company’s unique approach to treatment, the promise of value-based care, and how the Care Coordination solution is helping AiR to accomplish its goals.

Wainwright talks about the solution’s ability to facilitate AiR’s care model, and to take the use of data beyond what it has been able to do in the past: “What’s great about the Tribridge Health360 Care Coordination solution is that it’s unlimited. Now, it’s not just about data collection but also about leveraging data. We can harness the power of the data in the system and use it to get better and grow.”

You can read the entire Q&A session here, and the solution from Tribridge is available to try on AppSource.

And while you’re there, we invite you to look around at the entire AppSource library, which features hundreds of business apps — with many more on the way.