Apps built with Cortana Intelligence help organizations transform their data into actionable insight

This blog was authored by Avi Bathula, Sr. Program Manager Lead, Advanced Analytics Ecosystem Team, Microsoft Cloud & Enterprise Group.

In a world where virtually every customer, device, and activity is producing rich data that can drive new experiences, efficiencies, business models, and even new inventions, companies are investing heavily in technologies to help them use their data and stay ahead.

The opportunity is immense, but building the capability to process, analyze, and make sense of huge volumes of data on-premises is a complex undertaking. From heavy investments in infrastructure to understanding and building the software to make a data-driven system work, few companies have the resources to really capitalize on today’s rich data sources.

To address this issue and simplify analyzing data, Microsoft delivered Cortana Intelligence. Cortana Intelligence helps customers and partners build smarter applications with cloud-based big data and advanced analytics by bringing together a comprehensive set of technologies including Azure HDInsight, Azure Machine Learning, Power BI, and more to deliver powerful data handling and analysis capabilities as a cloud service. Using the PaaS approach, Cortana Intelligence takes over much of the heavy lifting behind the scenes so companies can actually benefit by unlocking the insights hidden in their data and take intelligent action to improve business results.

Technology firms from around the globe have already chosen Cortana Intelligence as the platform of choice to build powerful big data and advanced analytics solutions to reinvent legacy processes, make people more efficient, and deliver new revenue streams. To help business users discover the apps and offer a free test drive experience, they listed their apps on AppSource. We invite you to visit Microsoft AppSource to find out more about these apps.

Get started quickly with Cortana Intelligence Solutions Templates

To help partners and customers get started quickly Microsoft introduced Cortana Intelligence Solutions Templates, which consist of preconfigured solutions, reference architectures, and design patterns. Organizations can make them their own by following the included instructions or work with an implementation partner who can help as well. You can find Cortana Intelligence Solutions on AppSource, and you can take the following solutions on a test drive: Demand Forecasting and Price Optimization, Personalized Offers, and Quality Assurance. Go to the Cortana Intelligence Gallery for full technical details.

Let’s take a closer look at how organizations across different industries benefit from Cortana Intelligence capabilities as well as some of the solutions available to try on AppSource.


Manufacturers are using analytics to turn cost centers into profit centers, moving from a costly break-fix model to a proactive and predictive service model for business-critical assets. Solutions using Cortana Intelligence allow companies to automatically detect equipment anomalies, generate service tickets, and identify tools, parts, and service technicians to deliver a first-time fix — a vital metric in gauging field service performance.

In the past few years, manufacturers like Deschutes Brewery have used intelligence services to transform their processes. To increase production capacity with existing equipment, the brewery integrated the on-site OSIsoft PI System used to collect and manage production data with Microsoft Cortana Intelligence. Deschutes Brewery anticipates it can save an average of 48 hours for every batch of beer across eight to 10 brands year-round.

Manufacturers and utility companies can keep their operations running smoothly and efficiently using solutions available on AppSource like Brillio Smart Assets Management from Brillio and Saviant Energy Analytics Platform from Saviant Consulting.


Big data and advanced analytics provides big opportunities for banks and are transforming the ways they interact with their customers. Some of the common use cases adopted at banks include risk and compliance management, fraud detection, and predictive customer analytics. With advanced analytics, banks can get the ability to personalize customer interactions in real time across all channels and build a customer decision hub that delivers insights fueled by data from every touch point and data source.

This data-driven approach has been demonstrated recently by New Zealand’s Heartland Bank, which has stayed competitive and maintained its growth using a broad range of analytics tools for big data statistics, predictive modeling, and machine learning.

On AppSource, VeriPark Next Best Action is a popular app targeted to the financial industry designed to help organizations create the same type of transformation.


Retailers have been at the forefront of leveraging advanced analytics and big data for business transformation. In the retail space, analytics are facilitating a range of changes: enabling controlled yet collaborative partnerships among retailers and distributors, defining territories and channels, ensuring product availability, and maintaining the consistency of in-store experiences.

Sulekha, one of India’s largest and fastest-growing digital platforms, helps customers locate and connect with businesses that provide a wide range of services. For its data-intensive business, Sulekha relies on a platform built on top of Cortana Intelligence.

On AppSource, apps like Neal Analytics Inventory Optimization are helping retailers and consumer goods companies put the right products on every shelf at every outlet to satisfy ever-evolving customer demands. And Brillio Optimix is helping businesses evaluate the effectiveness of their promotions in real time at multiple levels by channel, region, brand, and SKU.


Intelligent apps are also helping cities and governments transform the way they provide services to citizens. In African villages, organizations like REACH are innovating with Microsoft Azure to deliver safe drinking water with the goal of helping 5 million people. Sensors inside the pump handles on rural wells monitor groundwater and help speed repairs to broken pumps. Data from these sensors runs through Azure Machine Learning to predict the depth of water in the wells and estimate available water supplies. 

On AppSource, apps like AvePoint Citizen Services are giving government agencies the ability to automate incident reports, responses, and resolutions, with capabilities that allow both citizens and internal staff to input and manage requests from any device, anywhere, at any time.


In healthcare, analytics offers the potential to improve the quality of care and better meet patients’ health needs by delivering the right kind of care to the right person at the right time. A B2B company that specializes in patient monitoring, Astute Inc. uses services within Cortana Intelligence to help customers improve patient outcomes, reduce the cost of care, and identify new revenue opportunities.

Analytics apps can also help boost operational efficiency for healthcare organizations. KenSci Clinical Analytics, available on AppSource, can help predict clinical and operational risk to improve health outcomes and reduce cost.

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