Apttus Quote-to-Cash helps manufacturers streamline sales

Even in today’s e-commerce era, many manufacturers struggle with the complexity of the sales process, because distributed locations and multiple order configurations require significant coordination across facilities, departments, and supply chains.

As manufacturers seek to bring the same efficiency and speed to their sales cycles as they do to the factory floor, cloud technologies provide a means to integrate siloed systems, from quoting to contracting, approvals, ordering, and billing — helping manufacturers to sell complex products more intelligently.

This week Microsoft partner Apttus is bringing its Quote-to-Cash solution to Microsoft AppSource, giving companies a cloud-based tool to manage sales, tame complexity, and win customers.

The integrated system allows for visibility among teams and streamlines the review process. Instead of wasting time moving a quote back and forth, Quote-to-Cash highlights who needs to review and where, allowing multiple teams to work simultaneously on a quote while ensuring all steps are followed correctly. The app also encourages follow-up with customers by providing a 360-degree view that creates cross-sell and upsell opportunities based on insights from previous transaction history, improving the ease of doing business for customers and boosting their satisfaction.

For a deeper look into the challenges manufacturers are facing today and how the Apttus QTC app can help companies drive sales, check out Transform Manufacturing Sales with Apttus Quote-to-Cash for Manufacturing. In it, Colin Masson provides an overview of how Apttus is using the cloud to break down the traditional barriers that have hamstrung manufacturers in the past so they can sell more intelligently, outsell competitors, and raise their performance in the marketplace.

You can also join Apttus’ Ben Allen and Microsoft’s Kristin Fleek for a digital transformation webinar to learn more about how Apttus Quote-to-Cash can help manufacturers master the entire revenue-generation process to sell more intelligently, outsell competitors, and raise performance in the marketplace.

Try Apttus Quote-to-Cash

Apttus Quote-to-Cash is available to try today on Microsoft AppSource. While you’re there, we invite you to peruse our growing portfolio of business apps that can help companies of all sizes do more.