Are you a Dynamics 365 ISV? Why not set up a Test Drive, it’s never been easier with Hosted Test Drives!

This blog was authored by James Galvin, Customer & Partner Success Team

We’ve had Test Drives available for a year, and feedback from our partners and customers has been fantastic. We continue to improve on the experience and earlier this month released a new Hosted Test Drive option for Dynamics 365. With this experience, you as a partner no longer need to maintain the Azure service that performs the Test Drive user provisioning and deprovisioning into your Dynamics 365 environment. The new Hosted option not only simplifies the setup and managing of your Test Drive, but has better security features, like integrated Azure Key vault service to keep your data encrypted and new App Insight integration for better system monitoring.

Why you should consider adding a Test Drive to your AppSource listing

Test Drives allow business users to try your app without the overhead of them needing a Dynamics 365 environment. As the Test Drive runs on your Dynamics 365 environment, you’re able to offer a guided experience to customers with sample data in a controlled manner for a limited amount of time. Plus, you continue to get customer leads for follow up. 

Test Drives are available to you whether you have a Contact Me or Trial experience. If you have a Contact Me experience on AppSource today, offering a Test Drive allows business users to try your application immediately when they find your application. For example, KPMG/Adoxio set their offer up as a Contact Me with a Test Drive for their Regulate 365 License and Permit solution.

If you already have a trial experience on AppSource, adding a Test Drive can be useful as well. If you only have a Trial experience, business users need access to a Dynamics 365 environment and must have admin rights to deploy the solution. Since many business users discovering your app may not meet both of those criteria, a Test Drive provides that ready to go trial experience. A great example is from DXC/Tribridge who offer both a Trial and Test Drive experience in AppSource for their Health360 Care Coordination. That way, no matter how the customer wants to evaluate your app, you’ve got it covered.

If you have an existing offer and would like to add a Test Drive, see the Learn>Documentation area in the Cloud Partner Portal to learn how to quickly add a Test Drive to your existing offer, then go to the Test Drive tab, select Yes, and see the new Type of Test Drive.

If you don’t have an offer yet on AppSource, the documentation and steps for setting up a Hosted Test Drive are available on Github today, choose the appropriate resource below and if you’d like to join AppSource, fill out the form here and our onboarding team will walk you through the process. See you on AppSource!

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