Are you turning to cloud app marketplaces to help drive innovation and agility?

In today's digital economy, businesses must maintain a keen sense of market trends and proactively drive change in order to stay relevant and innovative. To be truly agile, this means embracing new ideas to help continuously improve and optimize key business functions. For many organizations, an increasingly useful tool is self-service app marketplaces, which can offer the autonomy, flexibility, and speed today's business users seek.

Self-service cloud application marketplaces poised to gain traction

Findings from a recent study conducted by Forrester Consulting¹ on behalf of Microsoft found that 75 percent of organizations that participated in the survey are already using, or plan to use, an app marketplace.

The study also found that top benefits business decision makers expect or have experienced from using a self-service marketplace include cost savings, increased productivity, improved customer experience, and faster resolution of end user issues.

Driven by a desire to drive innovation, business leaders see app marketplaces as a robust way to assist employees in getting up and running with new apps quickly. And when using marketplaces that are sponsored by SaaS vendors, teams can benefit from seamless integration with apps they already use.

Are you encouraging your employees to innovate for their own productivity?

Forty-two percent of executives surveyed encourage their employees to innovate for their own productivity. If your company is one of them, then your organization has probably already used a marketplace to find apps that can cultivate innovation.

For more insight on the value of application marketplaces for your business, read the study "Embrace a Business Application Marketplace to Drive Business Results".


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1 Source: A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Microsoft, April 2017

2 Source: "Brief: What App Store Models Mean For SaaS Sourcing And Governance," Forrester Research, Inc., February 11, 2016.