Ask AtBot trainable workspace assistant for information and have them do your work for you – without any coding

AtBot puts artifical intelligence (AI) within reach of any front-line business process that can benefit from a conversational user experience. Using no code, train and deploy bots tailored to your business needs, in a fraction of the time it would take to build one from scratch.

Every organization strives to improve user productivity. Analysts agree that chatbots will not only save time and money, but also give businesses a competitive advantage. Building chatbots can be a lengthy and arduous task. Enterprise bots that recognize users and connect to Microsoft Office 365 or third-party services must be developed by highly technical resources. Custom bots created in this manner are rigid in functionality and must be maintained via code changes. Organizations are looking for help, such as no-code/low-code app platforms to develop line-of-business application bots quickly, as well as incorporate AI into their workloads. Bots let users have simple conversations to get their work done faster.

How is AtBot used on a daily basis?

Want an all-knowing, subject matter expert always available? Enlist AtBot. Want to ask HR about vacation policies and get time off approved? Have AtBot do it. Need to figure out why your computer isn’t working? Ask AtBot. Tier-1 IT support becomes a thing of the past as trouble tickets become automated by AtBot. Instead of weeks or months, with AtBot you can build and deploy intelligent bots for your enterpriset in just hours or days.

What are the benefits of using AtBot?

AtBot is Intelligent

Integration with Microsoft AI means your bots will operate like they have real brains. AtBot makes it simple to incorporate AI into your everyday workloads and native integration with the following:

  • Microsoft LUIS provides deep language understanding of users’ requests and questions
  • Microsoft QnA Maker provides simple question-and-answer pairs for your bots, as well as a conversationalist that can drive your users toward action

AtBot is Connected

By training your AtBot through Microsoft Flow, you can connect to external services through the hundreds of connectors available, creating a multitude of possibilities:

  • Microsoft Flow provides a simple GUI for designing bot logic
  • AtBot can work with any of the third-party connectors available 
  • If you're missing the specific connected you need, you can build your own custom connector

AtBot Works Where You Work

With native deployment to Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and any other web application, AtBot brings conversational user experiences to the places you and your users are already working.

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