BC Platforms GeneVision—Delivering on the promise of precision medicine

Until now, providers have leveraged genomics primarily for oncology and treatment of rare diseases, limiting the benefits to a small population. However, with technological advancements rapidly driving down genome sequencing costs, genomics is poised to transform healthcare by delivering clinical insights at population scale.

Providers need a genomics technology solution that is:

  • End-to-end: Handles every step from raw biological sample to final report

  • Secure & Compliant: Meets the EU’s strict medical data protection requirements and is HIPAA compliant

  • Trusted: Processes data using best-practices operating procedures and leverages third-party data only from trusted sources

  • Accurate: Produces highly accurate results with built-in quality control

  • Easy-to-use: Delivers clear, actionable insight and reporting quickly to the point of care

  • Interoperable: Is EHR-agnostic and interoperates with existing systems.

BC Platforms GeneVision - delivering on the promise of precision medicine

Recognizing the need for a technology solution that fills this need, BC Platforms, a world leader in genomic data management and analysis solutions, created GeneVision for Precision Medicine, an end-to-end genomic data management, and analysis solution. GeneVision processes raw genomic data and quickly generates user-friendly patient reports, for example on a patient’s genetic variants that may affect drug responses, as well as other reports. This empowers physicians with clear, actionable insights, facilitating evidence-based treatment decisions.

GeneVision helps save time over typical analysis processes by accelerating analysis and offering the flexibility to conduct both genotyping and next-generation sequencing. Furthermore, the solution provides instant access to aggregated genetic variant data from trusted public databases, without the need for additional infrastructure. Throughout this process, GeneVision helps providers in meeting their security and compliance requirements.

Visit AppSource to learn more and access a free trial of the BC Platforms GeneVision for Precision Medicine app.

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