Boomerang for Outlook: The Ultimate Email Productivity Add-in

The average office worker spends over a third of their workweek managing email and scheduling meetings. But with Boomerang for Outlook, users can take back much of this time lost to email by reducing interruptions with Inbox Pause, writing more effective emails that need fewer follow-ups with Respondable, and having email arrive at better times with send later, recurring messages, and snooze. And with one-click booking, planning a meeting no longer requires a chain of correspondence to confirm a time.

With Boomerang for Outlook, users spend less time following-up, and more time following through.

How is Boomerang for Outlook used on a daily basis?

Boomerang brings a suite of email and calendar features to Outlook that helps you be productive and get things done.

Inbox Pause allows email to arrive only at designated times, so you can maintain focus while you work. Send Later, Snooze, and follow-up reminder features let you send and recall emails at the perfect time. You can even schedule recurring emails! Write an email once and have it sent out repeatedly on any interval you want. Whenever you schedule or snooze messages, you can also add notes to them to give yourself added context the next time you revisit an email thread.

Your emails will also be more effective thanks to Respondable, an AI-assistant that helps you write emails more likely to get a response, now featuring advanced machine learning capabilities to help you strike the perfect tone.

Boomerang helps with meeting scheduling too. Propose a set of potential meeting times in a few clicks. When your recipient confirms a time, meeting invites will be sent to both of you. You can even embed your calendar’s real-time availability into any email, and it’ll update automatically, regardless of your recipient’s device, domain, or email provider.

What are the benefits of using Boomerang for Outlook?

Boomerang extends the functionality of Outlook on Desktop and on the Web, and makes previously tedious or impossible tasks easily accomplished. Snooze emails and automate follow-ups to avoid emails falling through the cracks, share your real-time availability with users across domains, and queue up one-off or recurring emails in just a few clicks. You can even add notes to emails, giving yourself added context when you revisit a thread.

Use Boomerang and discover the power behind the thoughtful, innovative features pioneered by (and unique to) Boomerang, like the AI-powered Respondable assistant and the productivity inducing, distraction reducing Inbox Pause capability.

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