Business-led app sourcing helps drive flexibility and value

The cloud has forever changed how businesses find and use technology. With just a few clicks, users can discover and deploy a variety of business apps that help improve productivity, drive innovation, foster collaboration, or create better customer experiences.

In March, we commissioned Forrester Consulting to explore the opportunity for application marketplaces at midmarket and enterprise organizations across the globe. Forrester conducted an online study with 550 business decision-makers at organizations spanning 10 countries that have 250 or more employees.

The survey showed that app marketplaces offer the balance of flexibility, autonomy, and vetting that business users need.

Check out key findings and benefits for using application marketplaces to help transform your business in the infographic below or read the full study. And stay tuned for future blog posts as we further explore how app marketplaces, such as Microsoft AppSource, can deliver speed and flexibility while helping mitigate risks.

Infographic Application Marketplaces