Customer review: FileWall for Exchange Online defeats email-based attacks before they reach users

FileWall for Exchange Online, an app published to Microsoft AppSource, protects Microsoft 365 email users in real time from infected files before they reach your Office 365 mailbox. Trusted contacts and suspicious senders alike can unknowingly send PDFs and Office documents that contain hidden code, known as malware. Criminal actors release malware daily to avoid standard security systems. FileWall for Exchange Online from odix complements Microsoft 365 Defender Exchange Online Protection to disarm email attachment-based attacks, protecting Exchange Online from zero-day ransomware and malware attacks.

Microsoft AppSource interviewed Lance Soller, Group IT Manager at Clariter, to learn what he had to say about this product.

What do you like best about odix Filewall?

We were one of the first customers to try out the product, and we love working with odix. The company is very customer centric and continually advances its products, taking feedback and learning from customers. FileWall seamlessly plugs into Office 365. User involvement is minimal, making FileWall extremely easy to implement.

How has the product helped your organization?

FileWall has reduced our concerns about email security, enabling us to work and collaborate with our global teams and contacts knowing that we are protected. The app scans emails in advance, so our users never see infected files.

How is customer service and support for odix FileWall?

The team at odix is excellent and focused on customers always.

Any recommendations to other users considering this product?

I definitely recommend adding FileWall to a company’s security ecosystem to help keep everything secure and address as many threat vectors as possible.

What is your overall rating for this product?

5 out of 5 stars.

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