Customer review: Stack Moxie accelerated our marketing system integration testing

Stack Moxie, an app published to Microsoft AppSource, helps sales and marketing teams automate monitoring and testing to ensure configurations and integrations are working as expected. Users can test multiple personas and variations to systematically identify and eliminate errors. Tests can also be scheduled to run automatically. Real-time monitoring ensures that leads are behaving as expected, and campaign testing allows field marketers and demand generation teams to validate hundreds of complex requirements with the click of a button.

Microsoft AppSource interviewed Dawit Tesfaye, Director of Marketing Technology at AvePoint Inc., to learn what he had to say about the product.

What do you like best about Stack Moxie?

I can just write out a test with Stack Moxie and be able to reuse this test whenever I have a new page launching. I just went from spending hours and hours of doing this manually down to just copying this template really quickly and then running the test and getting the results. Now we can also show to the leadership teams the amount of time that we have saved. The other benefit is that we can capture where bad data is coming in from and we are able to fix that up a lot faster. Previously we would have found out about this from the sales team or another department and then gone in and debugged it.

How has the product helped your organization?

AvePoint has been growing fast, so one of the key parts of my role has been to grow the marketing technology capabilities, ensuring that the different systems are not siloed. We started connecting many of our marketing systems: for example, the marketing automation platform, CRM, analytics, and some other systems. When you're connecting multiple systems together and a lot of data is just streaming between all these different systems, that requires a lot of testing. Previously, testing was manual. The person first submitted the form, then made sure it was syncing to Marketo, Microsoft Dynamics, and Power BI. It was doable but not scalable. We have more than doubled website traffic in the past year, and we have been seeing a ton of data. There were a lot of errors in how these technologies were integrated. We have spent countless hours doing this manually. This was not a smart use of our time. I have been working in DevOps for a long time. We have been doing more QA-ing than building out integrations. Then our team decided to look for QA systems: That is essentially what Stack Moxie is. We got a two-week trial, and that is what sold us on it. It was an easy sell to our leadership because it took a short time from implementation to first game. Our first win only took about a few weeks.

How is customer service and support for Stack Moxie?

The support has been very hands-on. Weekly meetings with Stack Moxie help me be more proactive. We go over some of the data that we get weekly from our tests and we proactively try to figure out and brainstorm about what else we can test. I think I get a lot of ideas from those weekly meetings, so from a support perspective, the team has also been really great. They also take our feedback back to their development team.

Any recommendations to other users considering this product?

Anyone from a marketing operations role could benefit from this app; anyone from a marketing department who is tasked with making sure that accurate data is passed around to different systems; anyone who is doing QAs or analyses and working on a DevOps type of team. A lot of marketing teams don’t do that much QA. It is a newer thing that is coming out now. I would recommend to either not do it or get Stack Moxie, which is a time-saver. Use the saved hours working on marketing campaigns. We could save 5-10 hours of QA work per day per campaign. When we did, for example, a LinkedIn campaign, QA would take several days. Why would you do it manually when you can use Stack Moxie? Plus, you can find issues and catch them before anyone else does. So you save days there.

What is your overall rating for this product?

5 out of 5 stars.

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